OK so I’ve been growning my dread locs for a year and a half now so far and recently I hadn’t washed it for about going on maybe 6months now and I started to notice that they only locked in the middle and one thined out and the part that broke off

recently locked leaving it thin and damaged. do you think theirs any think I could use of do to fix it and are their any natural remedies I could use to wash it and make the grow faster?


Please make a habit of washing your hair, unless a spiritual belief bars it. It’s especially important to wash and condition locs because our hair types are more fragile. Neglecting to do so results in extreme breakage and compromised hair health. I would definitely suggest washing your hair more regularly and conditioning it.

Unfortunately, hair breakage is permanent and cannot be reversed, so you’ll have so visit a maintenance technician to see how they can fix the thin spots. The only thing you can do from here is be preventative.

Unless you make soaps at home, there’s nothing out there that will clean your scalp of oils, so you’ll have to buy something. If you’re looking for something all-natural, vegan, fair trade, biodegradable, and with a super short ingredient list and reasonable price, Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soaps are a good option. However, these soaps are extremely harsh and drying, so many people in the locs community shudder at name! So I would suggest other gentler shampoos over Dr. Bronner’s for you.

Washing your hair more regularly will help your stubborn loose locs knot up, and moisturizing it will help keep it from breaking.

As for natural remedies to increase hair growth, there isn’t anything that can make your hair grow faster, other than maintaining your physical and mental health. This is often best achieved through a balanced diet, regular exercise, and stress management.

Hopefully this helped, and I wish you and your hair the best,


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