I dreaded and wrapped a piece of hair 5 months ago. It is a big, messy, defiantly not a dreadlock ball now. How can I take it out without cutting my hair?? I have other locks that locked up nicely so I don’t know what happened to this one. But please help


You can follow the removal methods in this post:


However, if it is more like a mat, you can find more resources for removing the mat in our “mats” tag:


It will take a while to remove, but just take it slow and approach it with patience. After you brush it out, you can restart the lock.

In the future, try not to leave wraps in place for more than two weeks at a time on baby locks. Wraps disrupt the locking process and can lead to little problems like these, so it’s best to be preventative by giving your hair a breather.

– KJ


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