Do you think it would be safe to use chalk hair color on my platinum blonde dreads? Just curious, because i use it in my hair now and it would be pretty rad on dreads.


Hair chalk and temporary dyes are something I’m really not sure about, to be honest. None of the admins here have ever tried it, so it’s a little bit of a ore debatable subject. To be honest, what we say here about the topic is based on conjecture and other people’s experiences, rather than hands-on experience. But I’ll try to help as much as possible!

Here is what JR has to say about hair chalking, which I agree with. I will also add that chalk is typically made out of calcium carbonate, which isn’t very soluble in water, and may therefore be more difficult to wash out. Alternate forms of chalk, such as magnesium carbonate, are also insoluble.

Here is a photo of someone with locs and hair chalk.

I have also seen someone use temporary color spray. The particular product she used is called “Jerome Russell B Wild Temp’ry Hair Color Spray.” According to Walgreens, its ingredients are simple and as follows:

Dimethyl Ether, SD 40 Ethanol, Titanium Dioxide Coated Mica, PVP, VA Copolymer, Iron Oxide

Dimethyl Ether has a low degree of water solubility. But Ethanol is extremely soluble in water.

Titanium Dioxide Coated Mica is a pigment that gives the spray its color. Titanium dioxide is insoluble in water. Mica powder is ground-up minerals. It’s difficult to say what kind of minerals constitute mica powder, because many can be used. However, since the silicate minerals used to make mica don’t dissolve when it rains, it logically follows that all mica powders are water insoluble.

PVP (aka, Polyvinylpyrrolidone) and VA Copolymer are water-soluble.

There are different molecular combinations of Iron Oxides, so it is hard to say whether this particular ingredient is water soluble.

That being said, though, many people with free-flowing hair have complained in reviews that this product “comes out too easily.” This is a good sign that it will probably wash out of your hair with ease. 

However, I still wouldn’t jump too quickly to put any of the above in your hair. Instead, I would suggest that you put in thread wraps for pops of color. You can also use synthetic locks to temporarily give your hair color, too.

I’m still on the lookout for water-soluble chemical powders to put on hair, but until then, I don’t personally endorse anything other than thread wraps and synthetic hair. We are here to give you the best advice concerning your hair health. Of course, you can do anything you want with your hair, but it’s up to your own discretion.

– KJ


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