do you know of any blogs similar to yours more centered around african american locs


There are many blogs I follow specifically about locs. However, I am not aware of one that is as information-oriented as we are. Most feature more photos than advice. Unfortunately, information-oriented blogs about locs are sparse on Tumblr, and you’re better off looking into natural hair forums and social networking groups.

Off the top of my head, there are the following on Tumblr:

  • Lovedivika — Mostly photos, but can answer questions and has a lovely YouTube channel with information.
  • Menwithlocs — Photos, bios, and care regimens.
  • IllyLussiano — A professional hair stylist who has locs and can answer questions, though that is not the focus of her blog.

This blog features photos from people of all backgrounds, and a majority of our photo queue is comprised of people of color. Despite that, a lot of our advice is geared toward straight and wavy hair, simply because those are the kinds of questions we receive, and we cannot control that.

However, as a black person myself, we are more than happy and very much able to answer locs-related questions. We would not only love to help, but it would also be beneficial to us by expanding our reach and fulfilling our mission of equal representation.

– KJ


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