Hi, i have partial dreads – about 8 on the underside of my head. On one of them, the root is becoming really thin and I’m worried that it’s not strong enough to hold the dread which is pretty fat. Any ideas on how I can thicken the root or anything like that?

With partial dreads it is easy to break or pull hair out of your dreads while you are brushing or just running your hands through your hair. Have someone take a look at your sectioning, and see if they can make the section on that specific dread a little bigger with some more hair.  With partial dreads you can just add some of your loose free flowing hair into the dread that you are worried about. You can do that with a crochet hook. Even if you don’t have a straight neat line parting between your dreads and your normal hair… zig zag looks cool too, right? 

 Easy fix! I hope this helped. 



If you haven’t been ripping hairs from the root…

Sometimes a lock can shrink a lot and get extra thick, leaving the root appearing quite thin. This isn’t problematic and is mainly a choice of aesthetics. You can leave it, or you can brush out the lock and restart it with a tighter setup—which will somewhat curb the shrinking process to a degree.

– KJ


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