I was wondering if human hair dread extensions mature and ‘lock’ like real dreads do. Do they shrink and thicken up or do they stay the same as when you make them? If they do I assume they should be made slightly thinner than the dread you’re attaching them to, right?

Hello there,

Human hair lock extensions tend to mature and lock similarly to human hair locks on your own head. 
However, they cannot be guaranteed to be the same texture as your hair, so they likely won’t do exactly what your hair does. They will continue to mature and lock with time. They start out a bit fluffy and will tighten along with your hair as time goes on.

They tend to loop less because they are pre-made and tightly set up.

For those interested, synthetic hair lock extensions tend to NOT mature with your locks. They look the same on day one as they do on year 3. However, synthetic lock extensions tend to look pretty mature from the getgo, so you don’t have to worry about them looking immature of fluffy forever! They always look nice! 


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