Hi :) would brushing out the tips just like a few inches help with length? I desperately want them longer (naturally)

Hello there! 

It may or may not help. I know your locks, and I know that you have some that have really chunky ends (with more thin roots) that are from when your hair locked up and looped a lot. 

You might try brushing out one of your thickest ends up to the point where it is “normal” thickness, and then re-locking it manually. You may or may not see an increase in length. 

If it works on just one, then it should work on others. However, it might not give you the increase in length you desire. Unfortunately, since you’re the type of person who would rather go the natural route (aka avoiding extensions) you might just have to wait it out! 

One idea that might help you is to keep a monthly length picture. Just take a picture of yourself from the back, standing straight, and take a picture of the length. Over a few months, maybe you’ll be able to see some progress (as your locks should be mostly done shrinking at this point), and seeing that progress will make you feel better about going the patient way! 

I hope this answer helps you somehow, miss escargot!


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