Hey there :) I currently have blond dreads, they’re almost 2 months old and I want to get them to white- or as close to white as possible. They’re quite, but still fairly blond-yellow, how do I get them to white and do I need to let them mature further beforehand? By the way, before my hair was dreaded I had it bleached a lot but it was very healthy and had very little breakage (still healthy!)

Hello there. 

Given that they’re 2 months along, they can probably withstand a vigorous scrubbing, which is necessary when doing color processes on your locked hair. 

Ask yourself: “Could my hair withstand being scrubbed and rinsed like wild for 20 solid minutes to remove this product?”

If you think, “Oh no my locks would probably fall out!” then don’t do it.
If you think, “Yeah, that sounds fine,” then you can consider it. 

I’m here to warn you, though, that bleaching is pretty damaging to hair, and getting it white is damaging (of course you are aware of that being someone who regularly bleaches). If you bleach your locks too much, much like bleaching brushable hair, IT WILL FALL OFF. There used to be a video on youtube of a poor girl who’d done her locks too many times from dark hair to bleached light, and they pulled apart like cotton candy.

In the world of locking your hair, there are a lot of things that people scream about that will “make your locks fall out” – and most of them are not true. Most of them are outright lies, in fact. 

However, bleaching is a serious one that actually can make your hair fall out (locked or brushable)- so please be careful! 

That out of the way, yes you can bleach and otherwise color treat your locks at 2 months in. 

Your hair is NOT stronger when it is locked; your locks are only as strong as the hairs that make them. 

Bleaching your locks does tighten them by opening the cuticle and leaving the hair in a “rougher” state, so an upside of this may be tighter locks. (omg though, anyone reading this, please do not bleach your locks for the sole purpose of tightening them!!)

Alright, sorry for all the heavy cautioning, but with bleach and locks I feel like I need to be very vocal about warning people. 🙂 It is your hair, and I am sure you will make good choices with it as long as your proceed with caution. And use a toner! 


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