Hello, I have really long hair and I wanna have it dreadlocked, I wanna do it for myself, I already have one done by me but it’s dying, I think because I used a conditioner on it once. Is there sort of a video you advice me to watch on how to make dreads? And what are the things I should do after I do my dreads to keep them healthy and alive? Thank you.

Hello there. 

Please respect our askbox guidelines. Specifically:

“General tips” questions — e.g., “I’m thinking about starting locks soon. Do you have any tips before I get started?” 

Our blog is full of information, so I suggest you look around our ask page and click on the tags to the right and read over our past Q&A to gain some basic knowledge! We also have an FAQ page, a Starting Methods page, a Sectioning page, a Washing page, and many more. 

Please click and read all of them so you can learn more about locks before you put any more into your hair! 

As far as “dying” – perhaps you mean that the lock loosened up after you made it.

This is normal. Locks tend to loosen and re-tighten themselves when you first make them. They re-adjust so they can knot up themselves in the way they like. Locks tend to unravel a bit at the tips when you make them. They’ll get loose spots. It’s all okay. This video might help you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8OljI_43_w

If you feel that they are much too loose, read our starting methods page and find a tighter setup method for yourself. 
We’re happy to answer your questions in the future that conform to our askbox guidelines! 


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