hello this maybe is a stupid question but . if dreadlocks get thicker in my case type 1 hair i saw in here they double the size somethinmes, should i not put beads in the first month or months? so they can get thiker free as they want ? thank you love

Hello there. 

You can put beads in, just be sure to move them around, take them out, and don’t leave them on the same exact spot for 3 months. 

Your locks can shrink up around the bead and make it a permanent bead. You’ll have a fatty lock below, a fatty lock above, and a leetle skinny lock through the middle of the bead. 

So, as long as you move the bead up and down your lock every few days, change its location every week or so, or completely remove it sometimes, it will not become a permanent fixture of your locks. 

That said, beads will only keep your lock skinny immediately under the bead. So, if you leave a bead in for a long time, like I said- the lock will thicken normally above and below it. It won’t interfere with the overall thickening of your locks. 
Hypothetically, though, if you wore heavy beads on every single one of your locks near the ends, and weighed all of your locks down, the gravity could “pull” on your locks and prevent them from getting to their maximum thickness. However that is kind of not something people do, so don’t worry! 

The main question here is – do you want a permanent bead and some weird shapes in your locks, or do you want temporary beads so you can change things up when you’d like?



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