I reconnected my old dreads with super bond. How long until I can wash it with them coming out?

Hello there. 

Unfortunately, attaching extensions with glue (super bond is a glue designed for use with hair) is not the best method. 

Even glue designed for hair- it is not the way to attach extensions. Whether you are using the wrapping method to attach kinky natural hair to locs, or using a crochet hook to attach straighter hair textures to your locks, glue should never be involved in the process. Period.

Glue does not go into your locks.

Now, the best way of fixing this would be to do the following:
1- Snip the extensions (your old locks you reattached) off just above the glue part. This will leave most of your locks intact. Brush about 1-1.5 inches of the tip of your lock out.

2- Snip the glued bit off the top of your extension. Brush out about 1.5-2 inches of the top of your extension. The puffy texture of the hair will be very beneficial to add in the extensions properly. 

3- Follow this method to attach your old locks with a crochet hook. http://youtu.be/Hnfinze-_co?t=15m29s
This is the sturdiest possible method to attach lock extensions to straight and wavy hair. I believe it could be used on coily or afro textured hair, but there are better methods (wrapping, for instance this- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyetaHVVKIc&index=31&list=LLTc3AL2dNQfmiFwcmKjHV2g&noredirect=1 -though it wouldn’t be good to reattach old locs).

Anon, you could snip off all the extensions at once, or you could follow these steps one lock at a time. Either way, you can get all your locks repaired and put into a glue-free state with extensions that will last.

If you follow the crochet hooking method, you can immediately wash your extensions. They will be secure and remain in your existing locks for as long as you want to have them. They can be picked out in the future, but should not ever fall out unintentionally. 

Please, folks, never ever ever use glue to extend your locks. Never use glue as any part of any aspect of the care and keeping of your locks. 

Luckily, in this case, snipping out the glued bits will not cause too much loss of length and it will be a mostly easy fix. 


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