About how long does it take TnR and back combed dreads to lock up?

Hello there,

Unless you are freeforming, hair typically locks up at the same rate regardless of your manual starting method (this also depends on hair type). 

Freeformed locks can take 1-3 years to form regardless of texture, and they take shorter for kinky and coily hair and longer for straighter and more loosely curled hair.

Manually started locks start to tighten up and lock at about 3 months on afro textured hair, and at about 6 months on straight hair.

They can be considered fully mature somewhere near 1 year for afro textured hair, and 1-1.5 years on straight hair. 

For textures in between, it varies. 
For more information on each starting method, check our our “starting methods” page in our sidebar. Thanks!


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