I’ve had my hair Loc’d for 3 weeks now & I’m not sure if it’s loc’ing yet? I washed my hair & they almost completely came out. I retwist them all & they are fine again. Is this normal for them to come out after wash? Im AfAM so my hair is a mix of kinky & small spirally curls some parts of my hair are softer than other sections but I mostly still have the good nappy stuff throughout.

I forgot to add I never did the big chop my hair was already natural & lengthy so i have long starter locs. Idk if that makes a difference in why it comes a loose when I wash it….


Locs don’t start to actually knot for a good while; three weeks is definitely too soon for them to be loc’d. You’ll have to exercise a bit of patience over the next few months, and you’ll see them tighten up soon enough. If you started your locs just by twisting them (no teasing or other forms of knotting first), then they’ll be pretty loose at first. But they’ll tighten up soon enough.

The good news is that your hair is relatively long, and long hair is less likely to unravel than short hair. I started my locs with shoulder-length hair, so they were pretty long too. The length makes the budding process a bit more dramatic, but that’s about it.

For your first few washes, your locs will seem to loosen, but maintaining a regular washing schedule will help them knot. So don’t be afraid to wash! They’ll come together on their own in due time. 🙂

– KJ


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