I’ve been throwing around the idea of dreading my hair for awhile now, but my biggest concern is I have fairly fine/thin hair and I’m afraid my dreads won’t look as full as I want them to. Is this something to be concerned about or should I just go for it?


We get this question all the time, so we have a “thin hair” tag with a whole bunch of tips for you to check out.

Basically, you can expect your locks to double in thickness after maturing. So if you have thin locks at the start, don’t worry. They’ll shrink and accumulate lost hairs, and they’ll be far more voluminous than on day 1.

The main concern for people with thin hair is the issue of exposed scalp. To avoid that, make your locks as thin as you can (or as your aesthetic tastes prefer) and be sure to stagger your sectioning. You should be a-okay if you follow those simple tips!

And if you start them and it doesn’t work out, you can always brush them out.

– KJ


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