I love your pics and info. I brushed out my TnR dreadies after 3 weeks and decided to go neglect but I still wash every 3 days.. I now have 4 newbies that are all knotted up with two of them turning into a Congo. Which is all good to me.. I just ask how do you have patience? Lol, my hair is taking forever and I’m 3 almost 4 months in… Meh. Lol..


We have a whole tag devoted to patience! I think checking out the tag and looking at our “freeforming” tag would be helpful.

Just hang in there! Someone with type 1 hair may not see locks forming for well over three months, and will not see any that look truly like firm locks for at least a year! Check out this neglect timeline from our timelines page. You can watch as Troy’s hair began to lock. In part 2 of his timeline, you can see that it took well over two years for his locks to look firm and rope-like.

You can do it!

– KJ


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