Hello there! I’ve had my dreads in for about a month now and while I know they are still very young, I have more than the usual 1-2 inches of loose roots, and it’s been a challenge to keep the roots separated/not clumped together. I like the dreads to look a bit messy but the roots are out of hand! I read a response to a similar question that mentioned wrapping alternating dreads, but I’m worried that they are too young to be wrapped for so long, since they need to move! Any advice? Thanks!

Hello there. Wrapping them for one to two weeks at a time will not cause significant problems! 
If you feel you want to wrap them to keep them from growing together, then go ahead. 

It’s leaving wraps on for months on end that causes the permanent warped shape of locks. A few weeks may slightly alter them, but it’s not too likely. 

Having a few hairs holding separate locks’ roots together is pretty normal.  If that is the problem that you’re having, then don’t worry wrapping them. Just separating them every day should be enough. 

Wrapping will help you, and it’s definitely okay to keep wraps in then remove them after a couple weeks, then move them to the rest of the locks that weren’t previously wrapped and repeat until you feel your hair is not clumping at the roots anymore. 

I wouldn’t find it necessary to do this, though! Roots shouldn’t cause you so many problems. 

Another option would be doing once monthly crochet hooking to your roots. Gently pulling in the loose hairs once a month will help your roots to stay separate.

But really, I feel daily separation should do the trick. Stay on top of it and you should be fine! 🙂 
I hope this information was helpful. 


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