Hello! Do you know of any methods for a formal style/updo? My bun always ends up loose and floppy :P Thanks!<3


To be honest, I’m a really crummy stylist! I am poor at braiding, twisting, and pretty much everything else that makes a good updo. However, people on YouTube are very fantastic, and I highly suggest checking out Doctored Locks’ YouTube channel. They have a few updo tutorials that are super easy to do, especially if you’re not a master of many techniques.

We also have a few tags here at the blog that may inspire you:

Locs updos

Annnd, if all else fails, I’ll send you in the direction of my favorite easy style, the basketweave! It’s great if you’re in a rush or don’t have a mirror handy.

Hopefully that helps you out! If you discover some awesome style along the way, please consider submitting a photo to us. We’d love to see!

– KJ 

Followers: Any updo tutorials for dear Anon?


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