Should I install extensions during the initial locking process or should I wait until they’ve matured a little? Where in the lock should they be applied?( root, middle, end) How do I apply them?

Hello there. 

You must wait 3-6 months after installing your locks to add extensions. This is because:
1- People who are less experienced making locks might make too loose of a setup to install extensions.

2- Locks thicken and tighten as they mature. Someone inexperienced may make and install extensions that are too thin or thick, only to find that later their real locks are changing. Waiting allows you to better guesstimate the final size of your locks and therefore install the proper thickness of extensions.

Also, absoluteley never EVER EVER install permanent extensions at your roots! This may seem like an alright idea to add volume and give yourself a larger number of locks, but when they grow out, you’ll have a head full of “snake tongue” locks- forked and growing out looking very goofy and weird. 

I don’t mean to sound abrupt, but I have to snuff out that idea as fast as possible! 🙂 

Now, for a comprehensive guide on making and installing your own extensions, you can check out my video here:

I think this will answer all your questions! 

Waiting for extensions may feel like a huge bummer, but I can fully assure you that they are WELL worth the wait! 


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