Hi. My dreads aren’t fully locked yet, anytime I try to wash them, alot of knotting comes undone. I’m not using conditioner or regular shampoo. Not sure if it’s the water-type I have or if this is normal. Ideas or suggestions? Thanks.

Hello there. 

Using a regular clarifying shampoo might actually help your locks to knot up a little. These can strip oils from your hair and lightly open the cuticle, which makes it more prone to tangling. 

It is normal to have your locks get puffy and frizzy after a wash, especially when they are younger than 6 months old. 

If you have a really difficult time and your locks just come undone every time, you might have a delicate setup. You could put a nylon cap over your hair and very gently pour a soap/water diluted mix over your hair to wash it, then rinse it out gently with a low-pressure water source for a full 10 minutes. 
This might be helpful until your hair locks up more. 

Another option would be to take your locks in groups of 3-6 and braid them in small sections all over your head. Then tie the ends off with hair bands, wash your hair as normal, and undo the braids after you’ve let them towel dry for a while. 

You shouldn’t have to deal with this for too long- even folks with comb coils can begin washing more normally after 3-4 months of locking. 
I hope this is helpful to you!


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