Hey, the roots of my dreads keep loosening. I’ve combed them out and re-done them closer and tighter twice but they keep coming undone up top (in my opinion) far too much to be normal. I have up to two inches of hair loosening from and original length of about a cementer. I used twist and rip method. This is crazy they just won’t stay! Please help :( oh, and can you answer privately? Thanks so much!

Hello there. 

Having 1-2 inches of loose root is 100% normal and healthy for your locks. Especially on straighter hair textures! Any tighter, and you risk causing tension to your scalp. 
This tension can cause little red bumps – a sign of irritation in your follicles.

The tension, if prolonged for weeks and months on end, can cause permanent hair loss called traction alopecia. This happens when people wear braids and pony tails too tight, have weaves for long periods of time, or do other types of VERY tight styles. It isn’t happymaking at all!

So, dear, please let your roots be. 2 inches is very normal, and it sounds like your locks are new. Just give them time to grow and mature. Also, watch my video of how and why I believe roots lock to help you be a little more understanding to those tender lovely little roots of yours! 
Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG9kiNMOZhQ

Have a nice day, and don’t fret!


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