I have been wanting dreads for some time now. I have pretty thin hair, very fine. I started some dreads using the crochet hook method. I have four at the base of my head. I want a decent sized thickness for my dreads; not too thick, not too thin. The dreads I have started now seem to be pretty thin, I am getting pretty nervous. I was wondering if they will thicken up or should I start with thicker pieces of hair? I believe they are about one inch squares (I had a friend section them out)

Hello there! 

So, if you feel your starting locks are way too thin, you might want to make thicker sections. Don’t go too big- somewhere between a US quarter and a US 50 cent piece will give medium-large locks on straight and wavy hair textures. 

At this point, it will be easy to comb out your locks if you feel they’re much much too thin. 

However, some people are a bit inexperienced starting locks, so the hair doesn’t get packed tightly enough when you start. This isn’t a problem in the long run, your hair will lock up just fine even with a loose start! They might look a lot thinner than they’ll wind up being. 

By the way, on our sectioning page, I’ve posted a video of me sectioning my own locks, and perhaps the video will help you figure out how to finagle sectioning for yourself so you have better control of the outcome of your locks. 

Another guideline might be to section out 3 locks at the base of your neck’s hairline instead of four. Having 3 there will give you thicker locks for your hair texture. Having 4 there will give medium locks, and having 5 or more as that first row will give very thin locks for straight or wavy hair.

Worst case, though, just set up your locks the best you can. Wait 3 months or so and they will thicken up a bit. You’ll get a feel for how they will eventually look after a few months. If you wind up not liking it- brush them out and try again! None of our admins kept their first set of locks- we all started, stopped, and tried again. You can see my trial and error in this post: http://dreadlockinfo.com/post/59833431861

My final advice: Don’t panic and don’t get overwhelmed. Making major changes to our hair can cause stress and anxiety and weird funny overwhelming feelings sometimes. You can do 3 or 4 locks a day if you want and take your time on it.
Take it slow, take a breath, and do the best you can! 
I hope this helps!


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