I’m wanting to start putting dreads on the back of my head underneath my hair(my parents don’t like dreads) and I was wondering if it’s okay to start dreading hair with product already in the hair. Also, I have shoulder length wavy-curly hair, should I wait for it to get longer or is the length that it’s at okay?


Firstly, we do not condone people who are dependent on their parents going behind their backs and starting locks without their permission. They’re just a hairstyle, and it’s not worth getting kicked out or punished over. Please read our “parents” tag for tips about how to talk with them about the subject.

Shoulder-length is plenty long to start locks in type 3 hair. Here are photos of partial installs on curly hair: [1] [2]

Lastly, your hair should be washed thoroughly and free of any products before starting your locks. Here are some tips on how to take care of them should you receive your parents’ permission to start.

– KJ


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