I stopped washing my hair November 12 2013 and started neglect method dreads. I separated them and backcombed and palmrolled with beeswax on January 31, 2014. I want to wash them for the first time. I looked up different things I should do after the first wash and the only suggestion was to palm roll them while they are damp. Also, alot of dread advice blogs say they don’t recommend wax. I only used it for the initial set up. I was considering palm rolling with wax after the shower but idk help!

Hello there.

I have to tell you right now- it was 110% unnecessary to go this long without washing your hair. In fact, aside from comb coils and some other very delicate setups for locks- there is absolutely NO waiting period to wash your hair once you start the locking process. None. 

In fact, washing your locks is somewhat similar to felting wool. You use warm water, soap, and friction- and these things lead to knotting and tangling. Did your mother or father ever wash your hair with only shampoo as a child and try to brush it? There were knots in your hair, right? (yeowch- my mom did that and I remember it vividly!!) Shampoo without conditioner causes knotting, and it is completely acceptable (and pretty much necessary) to wash your hair when it is locked on a regular basis. 

Please read our washing page: http://dreadlockinfo.com/washing
This will allow you to use some rules of thumb to decide your own regimen of washing your hair. 

I highly implore you to wash your locks regularly- it is more hygienic, and it keeps your skin and hair clean. It won’t harm your locks. 

With your hair texture, washing your hair once a week would be good. My hair is a similar texture and I washed it every other day when it was locked. 

Now, while some people use wax with success, we at dreadlockinfo do not really promote using wax. You can read past Q&A on wax here:

We discourage the use of wax because it is difficult (if not impossible) to fully remove from locks without brushing them out. It is easy to use too much wax. It does not increase the speed at which your hair locks. We also discourage it because it is absolutely unnecessary to use any wax at all to obtain mature, beautiful locked hair. 
It is up to you whether or not you use wax, but I personally would discourage it.

There is nothing special you need to do after washing your locks. I suggest using a regular storebought shampoo of your choice. As it’s been months since you washed your hair, I recommend shampooing and rinsing your hair 2-3 times when you decide to wash it. 

The most important part of washing your locks is rinsing them. You need to rinse a full 10-15 minutes after washing your hair, from every angle. Part your hair in many places and let the water flow through, and lean your head forward to rinse back to front, then lean back to rinse front to back. Rinsing is the most important step in preventing buildup in your locks. 

I’m sorry to sound stern, but we try really really hard to bust through this stereotype that locks can’t be washed for certain periods of time. The locked status of your hair doesn’t change its hygienic needs, so don’t be afraid to wash it! You’ll do more harm than good if you do!



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