Hi there! I have the underneath of my hair dreaded and a few have clumped together at the roots and I keep separating them and they also have rubber bands in them. Any suggestions on what could help? Thanks x

Hello there! 

I strongly suggest that you remove the rubber bands from your locks. They can tangle in your hair, cause damage, and they restrict movement in your locks and will prevent your roots from locking. Here’s our tag on rubber bands if you’re curious to read past Q&A about them:

One method to keep them from clumping is to do alternating wraps on them. Wrap one, don’t wrap its neighbor, wrap the next, don’t wrap its neighbor and so on.

Now, when you wrap baby locks, they are at a high risk of warping and looking weiiird as time goes on. If you remove your wraps once every week or two, let your hair “rest” and then alternate the wraps to the other locks, or just re-wrap your locks a few days later, this will keep your hair from warping to the shape of the wrap.

Keep separating them daily. Perhaps sleeping with the locks braided together will keep your brushable hair from getting eaten into your locked hair, too. 


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