i would like to make a sugestion not shure if is a good one but here it goes . when i was starting my dreads i did a LOT of research for images of dreads i like so i had a good ideia how to do them and i saw that is not that easy to serach for thickness like thin or fat dreads maybe it was cool for you to make some álbuns and people would subscribe like thin dreads. médium dreads,big ones. so that we have a database and get some inspiration lol .

Hello there, 

We do have “thin” and “thick” tags, as well as “long” and “short” tags. 
You can find them here:




We also have color tags and age tags. Use our search bar and type in a color (e.g. blue, red, ginger, blonde, ombre) and you will find locks of that color.
The age tags follow this pattern: N weeks, N months, N years. Just put the number you want, then the weeks/months/years, and you will likely find locks of that age in that tag. 

We also have tags for specific types of locked hair; we have a locs tag, a sisterlocks tag, a freeform tag, and on and on. 🙂 

We’ve been systematically tagging our photos to organize them for over a year so we have plenty of images in each tag for you to see! 
Thanks for the question and for providing the opportunity for us to share this! 



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