I’m getting my hair dreaded soon. I have shoulder length hair. Do u have any pics floating around of before and afters or just afters so I can see how much length I might lose. I know it depends in method but I like to see how people look. Also if your followers have any.

Other than our collection timelines, we don’t have any immediate before-and-afters. But maybe our followers will have some of themselves?

Sorry I can’t be a wild help. Just know that everyone’s hair is different, so what someone’s hair looks like may not reflect what will happen to yours. Texture, starting technique, and hair length all play roles in this, so it’s impossible to get a good idea of what your hair will look like after starting.

Shrinking is a highly unpredictable thing that many people are worried about. But the answer is that it’s truly impossible to know!

– KJ

Followers: Do you have any comparison photos of your hair before it was locked and right after your locks were started?


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