I have a question. My locs were started with comb coils almost four months ago, but some of them are twisted in the opposite direction. Will this become a problem in the future? Or will it be fine? Should I comb those ones out and redo them?

If your locs are four months old, it’s probably a loss of investment to restart the ones twisted in the opposite direction. If your locs have knotted up quite well (which I’m sure they have at four months), it’s probable you can start retwisting the roots of the backward coils in the same direction of your other locs. 

Switching the direction of the roots can set you back a bit, but it won’t set you back as far as restarting the coils will.

However, I only recommend switching retwist directions if you’re sure your locs won’t unravel from this process. I am doubtful this will be the case at four months, but I just want to make my concerns clear, especially since I haven’t seen a photo of your hair and can’t know for sure.

If you have any concerns, feel free to visit a loc professional in your area for their advice.

– KJ

Followers: Any suggestions for maintaining comb coils that have been twisted in different directions?


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