Hi there. After searching around quite a bit, I was unable to find much at all about starting locs with *very* thick type-3(at least i think it’s type-3) hair. (so thick that it tangles up on its own and it gets difficult to run my hand through it within a few days.) Based on that, it leads me to believe that there isn’t anything special that I have to do other than keep my scalp clean. I have a long ways to go before I have enough length but it’s always good to plan ahead right? Anyway, thanks!

Hello there! 

Please remember that the term “locs” is exclusively used to  describe those whose racial heritage includes African ancestry. You didn’t specify your background, but we like to include this note for those who may not know. 🙂 

If you sent us a photo of your hair with the submit page, you could give a more detailed description of your hair and we could see it to get a better idea of what you’d be working with. 

Unless you have a hair texture or curl pattern that causes you to lose moisture more quickly than others- and this is an important issue for many people with type 3-4 hair, you may want to read up on how to ensure your hair stays hydrated. 

For instance, folks with the tightest curl patterns tend to use oils (jojoba and essential oils, for example) to lock in moisture in their hair. Folks with slightly looser curls may prefer to regularly co-wash their locked hair (co-washing is washing the hair with only conditioner so the oils are not stripped).

I feel that, for instance, a major cause of breakage of locs in type 4 hair is dryness leading to brittleness and damage. 

However for straighter hair textures and coarser hair textures, moisture is less of a concern and people with those textures can get by using some conditioner every month or three. 

But yes- regardless of your hair texture, keeping it clean is pretty much the number 1 most important part of having locked hair! Keep it clean, and separate the locks daily, and any maintenance beyond that is optional and a matter of personal preference. 

Please check our tag page (you can see our most common tags on the ask page), and read our FAQ and other sidebar pages so you can gain as much information as possible. We have over a year’s worth of Q&A on the blog, so you can learn plenty from there, too, by searching key terms!
The best thing you can do before you start locks is to arm yourself with knowledge.
I hope this is helpful!



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