Hello there! Does anyone shave any advice on how to work on the back of your head? I just use two mirrors but I have a difficult time with it and wanted to hear some other ideas. Thanks for all your help, you guys are great!

The best way to start locks by yourself is to wedge yourself between two inward-facing mirrors so you can see the sectioning on the back of your head.

To section, just wedge yourself between two mirrors and secure each section you make with an elastic band. To see an audio slideshow of this process, check out JR’s video about sectioning at home.

Then when you’re ready to start, take the elastic band out of the section, use the starting method, then move onto the next section.

If you discover that starting locks yourself between two mirrors is too difficult, then feel free to ask a friend to help you out! You can have a friend section your hair and put each section in a rubber band. From there on, you can do everything yourself! Just take out the rubber band, use a starting method on the section, and move onto the next section. This can be challenging on the arms, though, so feel free to let the process take a few days. 

If you don’t have a friend, you can also ask someone who is experienced with box braiding to part your sections off with rubber bands. This person can either be someone you know or  professional at a salon. It may seem like a weird query, but people do it! It shouldn’t take long or cost much either.

– KJ


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