So my dreadlocks are about a week or two old, and they all have extensions to them (real human hair and crocheted in) I’m kinda scared to wash my hair for the first time. I feel as if they’ll loosen and fall off. The first time I had dreadlocks I waited about a month to wash them the first time cause I wanted to make sure they were a little firmer before washing them. (I didn’t have extensions the first time). Do you think I should wait a month like I did the first time?

Nope! Wash your hair when it needs to be washed. Washing your hair when it needs to be washed—even if that means every day or multiple times a week—will make it knot faster. To know when to wash your hair, click here.

Refusing to wash your hair when it needs to be washed hinders the locking process. Slippery, dirty, oily hair doesn’t knot together well, so it is actually counteracting the very thing you’re trying to do!

If you are afraid your extensions will fall out, they likely weren’t installed tightly enough. If they fall out on the first wash, you can either try to reinstall the ones that fall out with a crochet hook, or you can keep them out of your hair until your locks have matured to be 3-6 months old—at which time they will provide a sturdier anchor for your install.

I’m sorry to sound stern, but we try really really hard to bust through this stereotype that locks can’t be washed for certain periods of time. The locked status of your hair doesn’t change its hygienic needs, so don’t be afraid to wash it! You’ll do more harm than good if you do!

– KJ


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