I’m thinking about getting dread extensions for a few reasons, mostly i live at home& my ma hates dreads. I was wondering if you have any advice and/or tips on putting them in and taking care of them


Whether it be temporary synthetics or real locks, please clear all of your hair choices with your guardian. While the limitations of your caretaker may be frustrating, we suggest you abide by the rules of your guardians until you are no longer dependent on them. We have a tag full of suggestions about how to start that discussion here.

As for synthetic locks, we have tons and tons of information about what they look like, how many you’ll need, how to wash them, and how to install them in our “synthetic locks” tag. Please peruse around there and take a look at Tumblr user Mkatsi’s “Comprehensive Synthetic Dreadlock Information” PDF. After browsing around there, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

– KJ


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