Ive gone through and cannot find anything on this. My hair is probably around seven inches long and I want to start dreading them. Can I get human hair extensions and dread them in while I dread my hair for the first time, so they combine and loc up together?


As a friendly reminder to all of our followers, the words ”loc” and “locs” are only for the use of those whose racial heritage includes African ancestry. For more detailed information about why that is, click here.

While adding extensions on day one is possible, this is an advanced technique and is not intended for the first-time at-home practitioner. If this is an interest of yours, please visit a professional in your area with experience adding extensions on the first day.

Otherwise, our advice if that you start your locks, wait 3-6 months for them to shrink and tighten a bit, then add the extensions. It’s easier to get an accurate size match and install them more sturdily this way.

– KJ


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