I’ve been shaving my head for over a decade, and decided it was time to have a full head of hair again. I have a dread hawk and my sides have grown out long enough to crochet some real human hair dreads into my head. The dread extensions look wonderful, but they dont feel as soft as my own. Iwas wondering if you had any advice (besides palm rolling, I do that a lot) to help my new babies feel less rasoy to the touch? thanks!


Unfortunately human hair can sometimes be a shot in the dark if you’re ordering from a place that you’ve never bought from before. This means you can get nice, high-quality hair that’s very soft, or you can accidentally purchase damaged, over-processed hair that is scratchy or smelly.

We don’t have very many resources on salvaging scratchy extensions. We have one post about it, which basically suggests that you should baby the hair by doing protein and conditioning treatments on it. I think you might find some resources on Youtube about how to salvage scratchy hair as well.

Your lock extensions will likely feel less scratchy as they mature, too. Baby locks and baby extensions often have some hair sticking out of them, but those hairs will lock in and settle down as they mature with wear.

Other than that, I’m sorry to say I don’t have any other suggestions, because my experience in that particular area is limited.

– KJ

Followers: Does anyone know how to make new human hair extensions feel softer?


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