I was wondering if any of you or your lovely followers know where someone of type 3 hair could find a someone to dread their hair in the Nashville area. Thanks in advance


While I don’t know of any professional in the Nashville area specifically, our admin Dani lives in Tullahoma and starts locks. You can check out her portfolio here.

There is one person from Nashville listed on this table, but I haven’t seen photos of their work.

You can also call around salons in your area and ask if any stylists offer locking services for your hair type. If not, be sure to ask if the salon knows of anyone who does have experience. That’s how I was referred to the person who started my locks.

But no matter which way you choose, be sure to ask lots of questions and be sure you know what kind of services you’re getting. Someone can have a nice portfolio, but it could be because they are globbing lots of product onto the hair that will cause problems later on down the line.

– KJ

Followers: Do you know of anyone near Nashville, Tennessee, who starts locks (preferably experienced with curly hair)?


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