So I’m in the process of back combing mixed with some natural dreads, and you can kinda tell that they are there, but anyway, I’m working at a salon and I’m not in the city, so I’m afraid that my boss isn’t going to like the transformation, any tips?

Hey there! 

This is the point at which the magic of scarves and wide headbands will save your butt! Since most people only work 8 hours a day, that is only about 1/3 of the time. Styling your locked hair all day can put a bit of a strain on it, but if you leave it down the rest of the time, you won’t significantly stunt your locking process. 
For example, if someone wore their newly locking hair in a bun almost constantly (during work, sleep, and free time), that may slow their locking process.

Now, if you do a low bun (or pony tail if your hair is too short for the bun), and you use a wide headband to wrap up the front of your hairline and cover the sides of your head, your boss and clients will hardly notice your locked and frizzy maturing hair. 

There are also just loads of amazing scarf wrap tutorials on youtube- mostly made by women in the natural hair community. You could invest in a few pretty scarves and have fabulously wrapped hair for work and no one would even have to know you were working on locking your hair! 

You can also try different styles like french braids and modified versions of braids all over your head. I really love chescalocs on youtube- she has amazing style tutorials which may inspire you. 

There are many effective ways to disguise your locks for work. 
I hope I’ve given you some ideas- and as long as you leave your hair free to move around and tangle in your off-time, your locks should mature 100% normally. 🙂 
I hope this helps you!


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