I tried partially dreading my hair a few months ago, I ended up taking them out after about a month but now I would like to redo them. I have wavy hair and I noticed my dreads were wavy as well but I don’t want wavy dreads I want straight ones. Will my dreads eventually straighten over time? Will making them thicker help?

Baby locks often imitate the curl pattern of the individual hairs that comprise each lock. This means that immature locks made of wavy or curly hair like to wave and/or bulge. Straight and Afro-textured hair tends to appear more smooth.

Despite this, most locks do mature to be straight. I thought mine would stay wavy forever, but once the hairs moved around and knotted up, it’s not a problem.

Here are some options and resources for you in the meantime:

You can keep your locks as-is, because they will smooth out over time. However, if you want to restart, you can still do it. I wouldn’t worry too much about size. Most sizes of locks will smooth out over time. The only exception appears to be microlocks, which are about 1mm in diameter and require special methods of starting and maintaining them. Since I don’t imagine that’s what you were intending, size isn’t a worry! Just make them whatever size you like best.

– KJ


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