I have terrible hair… its huge, curly, frizzy and does whatever it wants, i feel like I’m meant to have dreads, because my hair is just too uncontrollable to leave down or have long. my biggest worry is washing and drying, i know you’ve covered washing but i wanted to ask you what your washing process is step by step. i really appreciate your response :)

Hello there.

Curly and tangly or not, pretty much all human hair is suited to locks.

So, I think you made a typo and are actually asking about the drying process, right? (if I am assuming incorrectly, please shoot us another question!)

Drying can take ages and is one of the biggest pains in the butt about having locks, in my opinion. 

My basic pattern was this:
1- Shake out my locks in the shower as much as I could. At my dad’s house, where we have a tub, I would beat the ends on the side of the tub (they were long enough)! The main point is that you want to start drying your locks while still in the shower. Wring them (GENTLY!), squish them, shake them, press them. Get as much water out as you can while you’re still in the shower.

2- I would wrap a towel loosely around my entire hair. I would use a big headband to set this in place.

3- After an hour or two, I’d either get a dry towel or simply flip the towel I was using to the other side and leave it on for a while longer. 

4- At that point, my hair would be mostly dry and I would just let it air dry for the rest of the day.

You CAN use a hair dryer to accelerate drying your locks in a pinch. I never did this, but it is possible. As with brushable hair, using heat styling tools is somewhat damaging, so keep it to a minimum.

Also, wash your hair as early in the day as possible. Sleeping on wet locks traps moisture in and increases the likelihood of developing mildew in your hair (a VERY unlikely situation that is very rare!), and sleeping on wet locks is just icky feeling. When you wash early in the day, your hair should be dry before bed. Try to wash at the latest just before dinner. 

I hope this is helpful to you and I hope my assumption was correct!


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