Hey! I just have a really short question. It is possible to do dreads with short hair like 1cm. I had to cut my hair,l because it was damaged.

Hello there. 

You cannot make locks on 1cm of hair no matter what your hair texture is. It’s just too short. 

On afro textured hair, locs as short as 1-2 inches can be made, but usually people start a bit longer.

On straight and wavy hair, you need a minimum of 6 inches of hair to comfortably lock it yourself. If you go to a professional who can attach extensions to your locks, you can start with about 3 inches of hair- but this can only be done by a professional. It’s a tricky task.

So I’d suggest waiting. 1cm of hair is absolutely too short, unfortunately. Even with braiding in temporary synthetic locks, you need at least 2 inches of hair for the braids to stay in. 

Sorry, dear.


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