Sorry if this has been answered but I wasn’t able to find, but I’ve had dreads for about 3 weeks now washing them with lush’s karma komba shampoo bar and after washing my dreads before they are fully dry they feel sticky, I googled this and some people said it was the natural oils in the hair getting caught, is there anything to help with this?

Hey there, 

I have used LUSH solid shampoos on my locks before and I really loved them! I used Ultimate Shine, Seanik, and Jumping Juniper I think.

However, if you find that any shampoo is leaving something to be desired, there’s no harm in changing that you use. Any shampoo works for dreads- you don’t need any frills or special ingredients. You can switch back to the shampoo you used before you locked your hair, or you can go to any store and pick up a regular major brand shampoo that smells nice to you and use that. 

Another tip I have is that you should shampoo and scrub very thoroughly, then after shampooing you need to rinse your hair a minimum of 5-10 minutes. Rinse your head like it were a clock and you had to part your hair at every “hour” – the forehead is noon, your temple is 2pm, your right ear is 3pm, the back of your head is 6pm, the left ear is 9pm, etc. I really hope that is not confusing. 
Rinse from front to back, then bend forward and rinse back to front. And we’re serious when we say you must rinse 5-10 mintues- it really works to get most of the washing product out of your hair.

I hope this was helpful to you! 
– JR


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