Are their any supermarket brand shampoos i can use on my dreads, i cannot afford to keep up with buying dread head because i have to buy it online and its pricey.

Hello there,

You can use any shampoo on your dreads. If you want to buy $1 V05 from the store and use that- great!
Herbal essences?
Sure! Pantene? Why not?? 

If you want to invest in a sulfate-free, organic, fancy-shmancy shampoo, you’re free to do that as well. 

I liked using Aussie shampoo on my locks in the end, but I had used everything from LUSH solid shampoos to baking soda to regular major brand shampoos. It all worked fine. 
The key is that you use something that strips oil buildup from your hair (thus cleaning it) and that you rinse it out very thoroughly, from all angles, for 5-10 minutes after you wash the hair. 

Rinsing is tedious, but it is a major way to prevent buildup. 

Our washing page has guidelines on how to determine how often you should wash your own locks and how to pick a shampoo that fits your budget and lifestyle. Check it out if you like!

I hope that helps!


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