What does it take for you to reblog a picture of someone’s dreadlocks?

Hello there, 

We usually just browse the various tags for locked hair and queue up images for everyone’s viewing pleasure! However, we still do Submission Sundays, where you guys can submit your own photos of your hair! 

Just make sure you follow our submission guidelines, and we’ll share your picture the following Sunday:
Universal Content Guidelines

  • Keep submissions around a “PG” rating.
  • Photos must not depict illegal substances or activities.
  • Submission must be clear in photo/video quality.
  • Photos must not depict alcohol consumption or smoking.
  • Feel free to share any other information about your hair not included in the Submission Guidelines.
  • Only select tags regarding hair color, style, and decorations relevant to your submission.
  • Please only select the “locs” tag if your racial heritage includes African ancestry.

Thanks for your question and have a lovely day! 
For everyone reading, if you’d like to submit, here’s the link:



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