Hi, my dreads are about a month a half old, and I was wondering if you had any styling tips for me. They are pretty short and puff off of my head right now. I was curious if you had any ideas on how I could wear them to keep them from looking crazy. Thanks, I love your blog :)

Ooh, I definitely know that feeling! Here are a few styles that worked for me while my hair was growing out:

  • Tuck and roll — The video here shows someone with long hair doing it, but it’s definitely possible with shorter hair!
  • Basketweave — Though it took forever for my hair to be long enough to do one down the middle, it works well on short hair by doing one on each side.
  • Modified ponytails — Try gathering the locks on the top half of your head and making a ponytail with them. Then leave the bottom half hanging. You can also fancy up the top with braiding as well.
  • Curls and waves — You can make your locks look wavy or curly by using flexi-rods, perm rods, and braidouts. This gives great volume and texture to locks of any thickness!
  • Chescalocs has a great playlist of styles for short locks.
  • And here is another playlist of starter lock styles by LocdNLovelyRita.

Our site also has a tag for lock styles, so check it out and see if any photos inspire you!

Hopefully this was helpful!

– KJ


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