Ive had dreads for about 8 weeks and i havent washed them yet, and some of them are splittin in the middle, what is a good method for split dreads and i dont think they are officially locked.. how long does it take? I had soft curly hair.

Hello there, 

First off, I would like to kindly suggest to you to please, please wash your hair. 

While people of varying hair textures have different moisture needs and tend to wait different amounts of time between washing their hair, 8 weeks is a bit long. For instance, someone like me with straight hair may wash their hair daily to avoid appearing greasy; someone with afro textured hair may wait 1-3 weeks between washes to preserve moisture. 

Washing your locks is very important because it keeps them fresh and clean, it prevents too much oil from building up in your hair, and using soap+water+friction actually helps your hair to lock up! 

Please check out our washing page (http://dreadlockinfo.com/washing) – it will help you to decide what products you want to use for washing your hair, and how to figure out how often your hair needs to be washed when it is locked. Some people wash their locks several times a week while others prefer to wash them once or twice per month. Also, check out my video on why washing helps your hair to lock up

Onto your splitting roots- You have a few options:
(1) Encourage the dread to split.

a- You can pull the dread more and more apart going down the dread. Keep pulling it apart as much as it will go. Then, simply brush out your dread up to the lowest point of the split, and re-dread those two new ends.

b- Simply let the dread split a couple years and snip the “together tail” off the end when the two dreads are long enough.

*special note: It is generally not a good idea to cut a dread up the middle to split it in two. This cutting may severely weaken the dread and destroy many many hairs. It may work okay sometimes, but it is much, much better to brush a dread out up to the split point in my opinion. 

(2) Discourage the split.

a- Wear a bead over the split point. It may help to encourage the two parts to become one again. Likewise, you can tightly thread wrap the two sections together to encourage the two separate bits to grow together. (you’d only have about an inch or two of hair thread wrapped because that would be all that was probably necessary to hold the separate parts together). 
In this instance, you can leave the bead and/or thread wrap for a long time, and as the roots grow in, crochet hook them together. Once you keep the roots together and they start to truly lock, you’ll have one dread again! 

b- If the sections of the split are not *too* tight, you may simply be able to crochet hook the split entirely together. 

c-  You can brush the whole dread out and re-dread it together. 

I hope this is helpful for you!


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