I think this is an original question – My hair grows! I know it grows because my roots and bangs grow out, but my length never ever gets linger. This is because my hair falls out just past my shoulders… I SHED:( My question is by locking the hair, can you capture these drain spiders, gain more LENGTH:), and in essence, DREAD NOT SHED? thank you

Hello there. 

Yes yes you can! 

When you lock your hair, the hairs that you shed no longer fall onto your carpet, in your car, into textbooks, and down your shower drain. No. Those hairs stay inside your locks, compact onto each other, and add mass and locking to the locks! 

Check out this video I made on why I feel roots lock- it has a lot to do with the fact that your hairs don’t fall out, but rather into the lock. 

Now that I’ve brushed out my locks, I have to once again deal with the pain-in-the-butt phenomena of vacuuming up my shed hairs from the floor, and pulling them out of my shower drain. Poor me! 

Having locked hair *might* possibly allow you to grow your hair past its terminal length (which, for you, sounds like it is at your shoulder length). It is not a guarantee, but it may happen! 

I hope this answer was adequate and please feel welcome to drop us another question anytime.


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