Hey! So, I’ve had my locks for about 4-5 months and I’ve had a problem with the hairs that fall out and dread up, the ends of the hairs that would be in my scalp have these little white specs on them, they don’t seem to be falling off like dandruff would if you shake your head, I wash them very well but those specs don’t seem to go away, is there a way to get rid of them or do I just ignore them? Thanks!

Hello there! 

These are little white bulbs from the root of your naturally shed hairs. You really can’t do a whole lot to change them aside from brush out your locks to remove them. 

Most people won’t notice them. We even have a little tag talking about them on the blog! Check it out here!

You can just ignore them. They aren’t a bad sign, and some people have them while others don’t. I had them in my locks. They’ll always be there but they aren’t a problem. 


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