hello This isnt really a question on help about dreads. But i do need guideness please! I have had dreads for almost four years! And i think it may be time to get rid of them! The thing is i am just scared i wont be loved when i get rid of them as much as i do now! And i know i will miss them terribly! I just want to know how you would handle my situation on getting rid of them?

Hello there! 

Last time I brushed out my dreads, once people started noticing, I was met with loud complaints and much protest! 
The pained expressions of my new university friends who’d only known me one month when I said I wanted to remove my dreads was ridiculous.
“But without this hair you won’t even be the same person!”
“You’re just not you without them!”
“B- but I love them so much they’re so cool!!”

What a tragedy for them, right?

But, hey, I was ready to let go of something and change the way I look. If they like dreads so much, they should make their own dreads to love. The truth is that at the end of the day, your hair will not be the thing others think about as they fall asleep. 

You’re a beautiful, cool, awesome person to many people, I am sure. If those people really care about you, they won’t really care much about your hair. 

You know what happened a bit after my dreads were all out and I was back to brushable hair? Those same people who moaned and groaned over my dreads being removed complimented my new hair. 

Also, this is a nice little shortcut for you with your friendships. If any one of your friends really gives that much of a darn over your hair that they’ll treat you differently when your hair is different, they aren’t your friend. 
Cut them out because they don’t deserve to be your friend! 

But really, that doesn’t really happen.

You’re making a positive change for yourself. Most people come to a point where they are ready to leave their locked hair behind. Some stay locked for life, while others are ready for a change at some point. 

It isn’t an easy change to make, but good on you for realizing you’re ready to make it! 
If you need any more support on this issue or any support after you remove your locks, please feel welcome to drop us another ask. 

Another thing to consider now that you’re making this big change is gathering up some styling products for your brushable hair. You’ll probably need to buy a brush, hair ties, clips, bobby pins, hair spray or gel, deeper conditioners, and other things. You don’t have to get it all at once, and you may not need all of it depending on your hair texture and the length of hair you’ll have later on. You might also want to look on youtube for styling tutorials for the length/texture of hair you’ll have afterward. 
I only had my hair locked about 2 years off and on, but I still had trouble figuring out what to do with it once it wasn’t locked anymore! 

Best wishes!


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