Are dreads awkward or a nuisance during sex?

Hello there. 

I will treat this as a legitimate question rather than as some silly inbox prank. I plan on answering this question in a less blunt and more nuanced way, because it applies to more facets of life than intimacy.

During many physical activities, having long hair can be a pain in the rear. Hair that is long-ish but too short to pull back may get in your face, and hair that is past the shoulders can find its way into all sorts of trouble during normal daily activities. 

When cuddling a partner or engaging in other activities, it is easy to get your hair (locked or not) pinned under a shoulder or an arm and pulled. It’s just that way. 

I can’t tell you how many times I almost accidentally dipped my dreads in the toilet as I was cleaning my bathroom, or dipped them in my food as I was eating, my drink while drinking, etc.
My shorter dreads were a pain to keep out of my face when exercising, driving, living, and so on.

However, with locked hair, your hair is formed into lovely little ropes and can be much easier to tie back than brushable hair. 

You have automatic hair ties- made of your own hair! As far as keeping locks out of the way goes, unless they’re ridiculously long (in which case you’ll likely have developed many little personal ways of dealing with them), it’s easy to keep your locked hair out of the way. 
I can’t tell you how many times I forget a hair tie when I go to dinner and have to battle my hair that insists on falling in my face while I eat food. Locks make it easier! 

One final note is that sometimes dreads, when touched by other people, feel different than when other people touch your locked hair. Once I was getting a professional massage and I kindly asked the massage therapist not to massage my scalp because it might accidentally pull my hair. Sometimes the roots of locked hair can act funny and pull when other people are touching them. 
If I’d had brushable hair during my massage I would have loved to get my scalp massaged- it’s my favorite! With locked hair, though, it was a bit problematic.

I hope my response has given you tasteful insight to whether or not locked hair would pose any problems during intimacy and other daily activities. 



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