So I have a question for KJ or any of your followers that may know the answer to this. So last week I started my loc journey again. I had them started with braids at a salon. I have more than enough hair to start them but for some reason the woman who was doing my hair braided in synthetic kinky hair. There was a bit of a language barrier so I was having a hard time understanding her. Any ideas why she did it??

Hey, congrats on starting again! That’s awesome. But you definitely have enough hair to start locs without any odd tricks; were the locs extended at all? I can see how they might have used the kinky hair to braid your natural hair to a longer state, then wrapped the braid to make it look loc-like. But I wouldn’t expect anyone to start braidlocs that way; I have a suspicion the kinky hair, because it doesn’t have any cuticles, won’t mat with your natural hair too successfully.

One potential reason I can imagine is that the kinky hair was added to make the thickness of your new growth match the braided part. Braids don’t plump up as much over time as matted hair will, so the braided ends may be narrower than the new growth that comes in. But this is just a guess! Other than that, I don’t have any ideas, but hopefully a follower will?

– KJ

Followers: Do you know of a reason why Afro kinky hair would be braided into natural hair to start locs?


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