Is there an easy way to get rid of frizzies on my dreadlocks. I crochet them but I’m curious if there is an easy way. I don’t have wax in them either :)

Hello there. 

Nothing will eliminate the frizz on your dreadlocks. After a while, time will take care of most frizz and your locks will be mostly not frizzy (except at the roots because your roots will always technically be brand new, immature locks as your hair grows out). 

Crochet hooking minimizes the frizz. It will minimize frizz, but it will not eliminate it – no matter how much you are crochet hooking your hair. This is why we recommend to only crochet hook your hair once a month, with twice a month being the maximum! It does minimize frizz, but it can’t make your locks look perfect, so trying to crochet hook them more often than this will make little difference aside from probably damaging your hair. 

Palm rolling helps to cut down on frizz, but it works better on very tightly coiled and afro textured hair. On straight and wavy hair, it doesn’t make much difference (in my experience). 

Having locked hair means having frizzy hair. Folks with afro textured and highly curled/coiled hair get puffy roots, folks with straighter hair get frizzy fuzz halo roots. It’s part of having locks- there’s a definite lack of perfection to your hair. 
They can look neat and tidy, but I’m pretty sure none of them are perfect! 🙂 

I hope this helps you!


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