I have one dread that was separating so i had my friend try to help me close up the hole and they interlocked it :(…. the dread is fairly new and i was reading that the interlocked part creates a week spot and that it’ll break off… it’s only one interlock, 2 1/2 – 3 inches from the root, the dread is almost two months old… should i take it out and start over or do you think that i will be okay? the dread is fairly thin, maybe pencil width? Thank you so much!


While interlocking is at times an appropriate way to start and maintain locks, it is not a preferred method for closing holes in locks. Crochet hooking is more effective for the job.

However, doing it once should not harm your locks. Usually improper maintenance methods need to be repeated over and over again to create dramatic long-term damage. Since your lock is only two months old, you can brush it out and start over to give you some peace of mind. but if you think it’ll be alright, you can keep it as well. It’s really up to you! 

So long as hairs weren’t snapping off or being broken, your locks shouldn’t have any problems. Interlocking tends to only work with thin locks in the first place, so take this information and make the best decision for you!

– KJ


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